Monday, December 22, 2014

Grand Illusion

Welcome to the Grand Illusion!
Yes I am working on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery.

I keep thinking of that song by Queen whenever I work on this project.  

I got a slow start so I missed the first couple of link ups.   Here are my fabric choices.

And here are the pieces I have made so far.
I am somewhat scrappy, but the goal is to use from stash and this is what I had for these colors.

I like how the colors are going together.  I also have no idea how these will go together in the end.   Bonnie is very good at keeping these a mystery until the very end.

So I have each clue all cut and started and will be working on finishing them the rest of the week.  
Hopefully I will get caught up.   I am not sure how many more clues there are, but given the amount of fabric I have left, it must not be many.

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