Monday, December 22, 2014

Grand Illusion

Welcome to the Grand Illusion!
Yes I am working on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery.

I keep thinking of that song by Queen whenever I work on this project.  

I got a slow start so I missed the first couple of link ups.   Here are my fabric choices.

And here are the pieces I have made so far.
I am somewhat scrappy, but the goal is to use from stash and this is what I had for these colors.

I like how the colors are going together.  I also have no idea how these will go together in the end.   Bonnie is very good at keeping these a mystery until the very end.

So I have each clue all cut and started and will be working on finishing them the rest of the week.  
Hopefully I will get caught up.   I am not sure how many more clues there are, but given the amount of fabric I have left, it must not be many.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So guess what??  

The robotics team SURPRISED Me!!

Not only did the team I coach
 qualify for state,
they took the top two awards at the tournament, 
qualifying for state TWICE!

The state tournament was held the end of February and they did extremely well, missed going on to the next level by one match.  

So the kids did well, but now I get my free time back.

I did manage to make a little quilting in while coaching.

Here are a couple quilts that I finished piecing.
This one went together really fast and I just love the way the blocks appear suspended in air.

This mystery UFO has a tropical feel.  And with all the cold and snow we have, the tropics would feel REALLY nice right now.

So a little progress.