Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What have I been up too!

Some of you may be asking where did I go?

Well I am still here, just neglecting to update my status, since I didn't have much to update.

I found that too much of a good thing can be overwhelming at times.  So with trying to fit the stash from my mom onto the shelves and drawers I have, it just wasn't fitting very well at all.    It was overflowing onto my work surfaces and I just didn't feel like sewing or quilting if I had to move piles of fabric around all the time.

Well that just is not right, so after seeing and hearing about how so many are using comic book boards to wrap their fabric for storage and easy access, I decided to give it a try.

I bought 2 packages of 100 each thinking that would be plenty.  I would only put them on boards if I had a yard or more.  I don't have that much fabric and probably would have extra, right?


I needed a 3rd package and probably could use a 4th, but I don't have the shelf space for the 4th, so the rest of the fabric will stay in totes until I sew some up to make room.  

Okay, so this is an eye opener as to how much fabric I really have.  Time for a fabric diet.  I will not buy any more fabric until the totes are empty and all my fabric fits on my shelves.  Some day I will actually add up the yardage because I labeled each board with the amount of yardage they contain.  This will make it handy for finding fabric for a specific pattern in the yardage I need.

Here is some of my yardage which is now much easier to see and get to.

And the fat quarters are also much easier to find the colors I want.

And now that my stash is organized for easy access and off my work surfaces, I am ready to start sewing like the wind... 

Let see what I can get done now...