Friday, December 28, 2012

Playing Catchup

So things got a little busy right before Christmas and now I am trying to catch up.  I have one quilt caught up, except for todays clue Part 6.   I plan on getting my other quilt caught up to this point before starting part 6.   And then part 7 starts on the 1st already.  I wasn't expecting that.   I wonder if we get another clue next Friday as well.

So lessoned learned so far.

Make sure to count when doing the first cutting so you don't need to do two quilts to make use of the extra squares made.

Flying geese, no waste method is not my favorite.  Too much trimming afterwards.   If they were bigger, I would probably do the flying geese, bonus HST with the extra cut off, but these are too small for that.   I don't have the easy angle ruler, but I think I would try that the next time I need to make flying geese this small.

Spraying the back of my ruler with starch and letting it dry helps to keep it from slipping, but eventually wears off.  Spraying the back of my ruler with quilt basting adhesive and letting it dry keeps it from slipping at all.   (It actually sticks to the ruler and you need to peel it off the ruler.)  This was just fine for my 4" square ruler, but I would not try this with my larger rulers.   I suspect this will wear off too, but it hasn't so far.

And don't get this far behind, because it starts to take the fun out of it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Street Progress

I started this to share the Mystery quilt I am doing for Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery.

Anyway I started out the Mystery a little over zealous and ended up cutting too many strips and making too many 4 patches for step 1.   Now what do I do with the extras?  Well, I guess I will make two of these Mysteries.   Hopefully I won't regret this...  

So here is the fabric for the two mysteries.

I have 384 4-patches done! 

And I am working on the 256 flying geese.  I am done with enough for the first quilt and onto the second.

I will post that when they are all done.